BERMONDSEY STREET BEES, ‘Metro’ Custom House, Runny Honey

BERMONDSEY STREET BEES, ‘Metro’ Custom House, Runny Honey

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London | Urban | Polyfloral

Custom House, adjacent to the Royal Victoria Dock, is perhaps one of the lesser-known corners of East London. Bees collect pollen and nectar from re-wilded former industrial land as well as gardens and long-established tree and bush lines. This means that the bees have a vast variety of food sources to forage from, with Water Mint being one of their favourite in this area

Olly’s tasting note: “Fudge and pollen with a bright edge of zing”


N.B. All raw honeys will crystallise over time. If you find that this honey has started to develop crystals and that you would prefer to enjoy it in a runny state, gently warm your honey jar in some hand-hot water

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