Honey of the Month - September 2021

Mêl Cilgwenyn Ceredigion Coastal Wildflower Honey

As the summer holidays draw to a close, it seems only fitting that Olly has picked a coastal honey for this month’s Honey of the Month.

With many of us having frequented seaside locations all over ‘staycation Britain’, few could argue with the sheer beauty of the west Wales coastline which defines much of Ceredigion.

We like to think that this jar of honey will evoke recent summer memories to bring a warm glow into your home as the leaves start to change and the nights get discernibly shorter.

Here’s what Olly had to say about his choice of Mêl Cilgwenyn Ceredigion Coastal Wildflower Honey:

”I love the aroma! It has a really intense pollen scent, like somebody has smeared pollen in the inside of one of the finest Burgundy barrels - a wonderful kind of oaky, slightly smokey, Chardonnay-like aroma, if you’re into your wine. This smells very complex and compelling indeed!
On the palate it is so silky, so beautifully, meltingly, magically marvellous! It has a wonderful lingering elegant complexity. It’s bright, it’s rich, it’s layered - I’m immediately thinking that all I want now is for somebody to allow me to jump off of a high-dive into a giant toasted hot-cross bun covered with butter and this honey. It does have, actually, a really interesting salted caramel twist to it too. It’s a very, very scrumptious honey!
You could stick a dab of this onto some mature cheddar, you could have it for breakfast or you could just stir it into your porridge and feel very gleeful about the day ahead. Which ever way you chose to travel, you are very wise, because this is the prize!” 

Produced by Rhodri Owen and Richard Jones from hives located just near the sea, this honey is obviously a real treat. Rhodri explains:

“What a busy summer it has been across all our sites in south and west Wales. The weather has been very challenging and on top of that we have just received our carbon neutral accreditation. So it is a real delight that Honeycombers is supporting our efforts and we are thrilled that Olly has chosen our Ceredigion Coastal honey as Honey of the Month”

We hope you enjoy this honey as much as we did. Please let us know your thoughts. If you would like to purchase a jar you can click this link