About Honeycombers

About Honeycombers
The genesis of Honeycombers was in a moment of discovery.
It began with a chance stroll through the stunning Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens whilst between business meetings and the purchase of a jar of honey from the gardens themselves.
It was a honey unlike any other. 
This lead to a quest to understand how honey can be so varied, why - for so many - little is known about the huge diversity of honeys, and a fervent zeal to share this revelation.
This spirit of discovery remains at the heart of our mission as we comb the planet for nature’s finest artisan honeys and seek to provide our customers with their very own ‘moment of discovery’.

Founder, Anthony Habert (seen here being stalked by a giant Koala in Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, moments before the purchase of the revelatory jar of honey) has spent his life in the pursuit of organoleptic delights (tasty things) and after a 20 year career in the wines and spirits trade, has now devoted himself to the amazing world of honey. Anthony is one of the few UK graduates of the Bologna-based Italian Resister of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey ‘Advanced Course’.
If you have any questions or honey discoveries to share, please get in touch at hello@honeycombers.co.uk - we would love to hear from you!