BERMONDSEY STREET BEES, ‘Union’ Cotswold Summer Flower, Runny Honey

BERMONDSEY STREET BEES, ‘Union’ Cotswold Summer Flower, Runny Honey

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Oxfordshire | Hedgerow | Polyfloral

Collected from hives scattered across the ‘chocolate box’ countryside of the Cotswolds, this honey is a wonderful expression of rural England at the height of summer. Bramble, Elderflower, Rosebay Willowherb, White Clover, Lime,Chestnut, Cherry, Borage and Field Beans are typical sources of nectar upon which the bees forage to create this delicious honey

Olly’s tasting note: “The aroma is beautifully summery with a waft of perfectly ripe peach skin. A festival of floral finesse, it has the perfect richness for spreading on hot buttered crumpets. Just the essence of a an English summer’s day! Lovely.”


N.B. All raw honeys will crystallise over time. If you find that this honey has started to develop crystals and that you would prefer to enjoy it in a runny state, gently warm your honey jar in some hand-hot water

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