BERMONDSEY STREET BEES, ‘Union’ Solent Coastal, Runny Honey

BERMONDSEY STREET BEES, ‘Union’ Solent Coastal, Runny Honey

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Hampshire | Coastal | Polyfloral

Produced by bees located between the Solent shoreline and the New Forest, not far from Beaulieu (literally beautiful place in French). The woodland and seashore nectars produces a wonderful array of flavours derived from forage as varied as Bramble and Sea Lavender

Olly’s tasting note: “You have to smell this honey! A wonderful complexity to the aroma - there’s a wild character about it, reminiscent of a fine red Burgundy, which can best be described as like a walk through the woods. Gloriously gelatinous, rich and indulgent with melting magnificence. A real treat for tea time”


N.B. All raw honeys will crystallise over time. If you find that this honey has started to develop crystals and that you would prefer to enjoy it in a runny state, gently warm your honey jar in some hand-hot water

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