NORTHUMBERLAND HONEY CO., Wildflower +Added Pollen, Set Honey

NORTHUMBERLAND HONEY CO., Wildflower +Added Pollen, Set Honey

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NORTHUMBERLAND HONEY CO., Wildflower +Added Pollen , Set Honey

Northumberland | Grassland | Polyfloral

One for those who seek respite from the annual torment of high pollen counts! In essence, this honey is the Northumberland Honey Co.’s delicious wildflower soft set honey enriched with the addition of pollen gathered from the very same hives. Bees gather pollen as it is a major source of protein for them and this honey contains between 2% to 4% pollen

Olly’s tasting note: “Lovely sweet, fudgy pollen aroma. Gorgeous, melting texture, cooling and packed with beautiful scented layers. The pollen is sweet and adds a very nice thread of oak sawdusty complexity. It is delicious. The honey of legends! Life enhancing stuff”


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