NORTHUMBERLAND HONEY CO., Wildflower Cumbrian, Honey

NORTHUMBERLAND HONEY CO., Wildflower Cumbrian, Honey

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Cumbria | Grassland | Multivariety Wildflower

Following the course of Hadrian’s wall into Cumbria, the Northumberland Honey Company have a group of hives nestled in the tranquil Irthing Valley, not far from historic Carlisle. Gathered during spring and summer months, this honey is a true expression of its Cumbrian terroir

Olly’s tasting note: “Rich and resonant with fresh finesse and a luxuriant texture. Vinous complexity”


N.B. The texture of this honey is jarred somewhere between runny and set. All raw honeys will crystallise over time. If you find that this honey has started to develop crystals and that you would prefer to enjoy it in a runny state, gently warm your honey jar in some hand-hot water

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