QUINCE HONEY FARM, Dandelion, Runny Honey

QUINCE HONEY FARM, Dandelion, Runny Honey

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Devon | Meadowland | Dandelion

A very unusual monofloral honey variety, collected during the month of April when fields, lawns and grasslands of the West Country are awash with golden flowering Dandelions

Olly’s tasting note: “Taste it straight from the jar! Thick, rich, gelatinous, this is crystalline, structural honey and with an intriguing split between apricot and caramelised onion. A really good thing. A star honey”


N.B. All raw honeys will crystallise over time (see example in tasting note above!). If you find that this honey has started to develop crystals and that you would prefer to enjoy it in a runny state, gently warm your honey jar in some hand-hot water

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